Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday and Birthday !

So Glad its friday finally!! This was one such weeks when i woke up every morning and counted days for it to be a saturday. Have been coming early to office and leaving late. catching up with friends and family on my way! The write in me has been on strike and I feel helpless and pathetic about it.

Its been a long, tiring and a HOT(chennai..if not HOT then WHAT? ;)) week! I have been waiting for a lazy weekend like never before. Considering the fact that its my birthday.. makes me feel nostalgic. YES.. Being nostalgic is my inherent and default setting ;)

Years back.. my sis used to take me out for a movie on most of my teen birthdays! KKHH, KNPH, Lagaan... good old days... and now its Sake who plans it for me..:) As I reflect back.. i consider myself lucky.. who was always taken care of and i really really feel blessed..!! *Happy* I sometimes do not like the fact that I am such a typical Cancerian... Me Crab always almost dreams abt the future or the past and never really lives in the present.. Hence i have made a pact with me myself the "To Don't" and the "To Do".

ToDon't: Everytime i REWIND and PLAY a past mistake or a bad situation I will just STOP.

ToDo: Actively focus on the present and make it a happy place for me and people around me.

Note: Since me Crab can never really live in the present(Default setting again!).. If i have to choose..then I can day dream for sometime about the future .... abt whom and wher i wanna be *ting*

Happy Birthday to me :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The weak week!!

Bon voyage 2010! Last week of 2010... Weak week of 2010... And the week I like!

The work pressure is less... The week between Christmas and New Year... The time people seem to be chilled out, less aggressive and less ridiculous… ;)

This time of the year usually is a time to reflect and the time to make resolutions….

I am quite happy by the way 2010 has treated me. Right now I am thinking abt my New Year resolutions… Few years back I believed in making a list of all the possible things I should be doing, which I missed out during the previous year…

Now that I feel grown up… resolution for the New Year has a complete different perspective…

Optimism... wake up... say yes to myself... let the day unfold… be a part of that day… choose the best feeling from the day... relish and go to bed..!

Resist pointing out people’s petty, rude and silly behavior; believe that people are after all not that mean!! Like I have always believed... the whole point in life is to stop living on the negatives…. And hope that things will work in some magical unexpected way…

So that’s my resolution… HAVE FAITH ;)… that the outcome of things will be better than I ever expected…

Heres wishing you all a happy healthy wealthy 2011 :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The "C"hennai factor

Constantly unstable - Chennai of all the places… What the hell… I thot…Its been over a month here now..

As I write this.. I made a resolution for myself.. not to say “its chennai”..Instead of sulking about the constantly unstable life these days…I actually re-discovered my old self..

Choosing which me I was gonna be… depressed ..self pitied or the one who somehow always works it out for her..How we spent our days is of-course, how we spent our lives - read it somewer.. understood it now! It is actually possible to be in a not so perfect, unsure, not-perfectly-stable place and still feel OK. Not that the instability has gone away… just that constant thought of it has vanished.. I am just focusing on the sheer pleasure of making a structure of the things that I would love to include in my day and actually do it…..

Instead of freaking it out on instability…End of it,, I know that things are gonna work one way or the other..Just because I have no idea of what’s in store for us in the future does not mean its gonna be bad,,,Future can have something really great for us..!!Amen!

Hence.. I choose to be the later.

Visited Mahabalipuram.. and .. Drive along the sea side on the ECR road was so nice:)!!!

@ Pancha Rathas
Shore Temple
Bay of Bengal

Monday, April 12, 2010


I know this has been the pattern to start my blog..Keeping up the tradition.. yet another apology for not blogging for so long.. kindly adjust madi!! My life all this year has been swinging in every other direction possible..Have had the most memorable moments in the past 1.5 years..:)

Amidst all the nice things around me.. I also had to some not so memorable moments spending 9:15 hrs at my desk, during which i wrote "Sometimes"...

Sometimes I write whatever I feel

Because the words speak for my simple zeal…

Sometimes it looks like a mighty show off

But mostly it is to put my grief off

Sometimes life seems to be unfair

And I pretend to be unaware

Sometimes I feel on top of the world

Everything seems beautifully impearled

Sometimes I hate to say a goodbye

But I have to signoff hereby

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where, When, Who ?

Huh.. a break from usual mushy bhusy mitsubishi stuff. This post might sound serious but as always this one is also a very genuine thot . *wink*

The other day i was reading an article which said..

"Over the last 100 years, the average temperature of the air near the Earth´s surface has risen a little less than 1° Celsius."

Not that much is it??? But it is not abt how much the earth is warmin up ..but it is abt how fast is it warming up.. The data depicts that this 1 deg celsius increase in temparature has made the earth warmer now than how much it was atleast 1000yrs b4.. It is responsible for the conspicuous increase in storms, floods and raging forest fires...the 3 hot yrs ever observed have occured in the last 8 yrs...All these facts resulted in scientists to infer that global warming is not a natural occurance.. and the only responsible factor is Man..!!

Now its up to each one of us .. to fight this..the onus is on each one of us.. the sooner we start ..the better.. after all if not we.. then its our next generation that wld suffer...

Its time we start looking just beyond the economic gains.. mostly its a very general opinion that the sense of self is in the job title that one holds... but my request to them - PLEASE WAKE UP .. TO REALITY...

I am not claiming this blog can change the world.. but may be this can help me change some minds.. and thats where the real change starts.

Lets shed our myopic views and think long term.. .. for our future generations to have a safer future..and that they will if we leave it habitable or let the earth exist in the first place...

Like they say..

If not Earth.. then WHERE?

If not Now.. then WHEN?

If not You.. then WHO?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

July 4th

The break has been for a really long time.. nearly 10 months away from pravs world...
Time has changed.. Prav's world has changed.....and July 4th 2008 was the day!!
It's really awesome to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life..:D

Between the stress of the deadlines to meet at office, family obligations, traffic jams, trying to cook good has been easy for me to forget the importance of taking some time out to enjoy few chuckles in life...

Now when its late in the night.. m sitting on this old diwaan whose cushion has seen better days..All cuddled up inside the rug.. Its not like last new year any more.. Sake has gone back to India...

Lotta thots crossing in my head right now..

I love listening to my parents talk.. for the time that they have gone thru all the ups and downs.. still how comfortable everything is between them.. I dont say they r perfect.. they do get irritated wit each other.. abandon each other sometimes..with some dramatic facial expressions and sarcastic sighs.. I still remeber, during my college days when dad was in a job when he gets back home only on friday evenings and mom was here serving me dinner.. When i told her "its already late and u shld have ur dinner too".. she says." Let ur dad come".. And it was just the way she said it, that softness in her tone.. proved to me how much she was fond of him..

Now when i think of it.. its so different.. unlike "You complete me" kinda love...

In college when friends discussed abt their Mr. Right.. I cldnt ever describe .. Ofcourse, like lot many girls i had a list ..long time ago.. when i strongly beleived that the list was so specific..Now i just cant help but wonder .. how my thot process has changed from being a 15 year girl to a 25 yr ...
Once you know that you can have a company any time you please.. Its definetly not easy to stay alone... Sake are u listening?? :P :)

For all u readers .. A very Happy new year.. may the year 2009 bring lotta happiness and less of voilence...Amen!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just a List..!!!

I really have nothing to say. Hi !!

Just a list!

One: There seem to be 2 kinds of ppl in this world. Ppl who constantly divide things into different categories and ppl who don’t.. yeah I know now what kinda ppl I am..!!

Two: Feeling hypothetical. I don’t consider myself unlucky.. Dad once said.. “If u dint have bad luck then probably u wld never have any luck at all”. I dint bother then.. Now when I feel the bad luck coming my way.. I say I will soon run out of it as I ran out of my good luck!

Three: Speaking abt luck..The funda of these entrance exams I feel is so arbit and is purely on luck. Even thou I was on the good side of luck during my entrance exam.. I know how great a part luck factor plays in them. It is inconceivable to imagine that just one entrance exam can completely test students for their aptness to be a part of a course and institute. Wish Admission process were more broad-based, and an exam should be but one of the factors considered..!!

Four: This morning I was just sipping some hot tea sitting in the balcony and was wondering if I cld have done things differently in the past. These things creep on to me at the weirdest of times.. The life now is good, but the oldy things peep through a lot.

Five: Sorry for my remarkable lack of humor lately. I have been able to spend a lotta time at home lately.. and its been awesome.. awesome for me.. may be not for them who have had to experience my tired humourlessness…;)

Final thots: I said I have nothing to say..huh..!